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Study Tips

Featured Study Tips: Studying for your Exams.

Study Tips Make a realistic study timetable
Be realistic and don’t create an over-ambitious study timetable. If you do there is a good chance you won’t stick to it, and this will affect your motivation.

Don’t avoid the subjects you don’t like
You don’t like these subjects because you are having problems with them. These are the subjects you need to work on the most – get tuition from a professional or a friend. Study, revise, practice, and rehearse.

Take regular breaks
School lessons, on average, last for 40 minutes. It has been estimated that after 40 minutes of work or study, the student’s concentration breaks, and they become restless and distracted. You should take regular 5 minute breaks after each 40 minutes of study, as this will actually enable you to study for a more prolonged amount of time.

Use bullet points
Study Tips When rehearsing what you have learned, use a list of bullet points which contain key words. Using the key words as prompts, practice talking about each point, and reciting information you have learned, without using your study books.

The night before the exam
For revision before the exam, a page with four short sentences will be a lot easier to read than four fully detailed essay style answers. At this point, you should know the details, so stick to shorter notes and bullet points. This will be easier to read and will psychologically have a relaxing effect on you too. If your page is less cluttered, so is your mind!!

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